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Pourville Art Studio & Gallery

      Set on the Northern coast of France, it's easy to see why Claude Monet chose the beach at Pourville to capture a moment of escape in his masterpiece Path Through the Corn At Pourville.  Pourville Art Studio & Gallery in Vinton, Iowa also offers the opportunity to escape . . . to another world and leave your worries behind. 

      The dream of art first sparked within Dandeena Schadle, in this small Iowa town, as a child and through the years the dream continued to grow.  Today Dandeena is thrilled to have this opportunity to share the joy and experiences that only art can stir.  It's a dream she's sharing with a community.     

     Experience an atmosphere at Pourville Art Studio & Gallery, where the paint pours . . . the coffee pours . . .  and the creativity pours through and captures your soul if only allowed.  


Path Through the Corn at Pourville by Claude Monet

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